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Ivorian Broadcaster in Hot Water over Distasteful Insert

A television channel in Ivory Coast apologised after airing a show in which a male guest introduced as an ex-rapist showed how he assaulted his victims using a dummy for the demonstration. The programme, broadcast at prime time on Monday by the private Nouvelle Chaine Ivorienne (NCI) channel, caused a massive outcry and sparked a petition signed by 37,500 people demanding that the presenters be punished. Ivory Coast’s independent communications council later announced the suspension of popular presenter Yves de Mbella, saying in a statement that the segment used obscene language, condoned rape and attacked the dignity of women. The NCI television station apologised for airing it and cancelled the final episode of this particular show which had been scheduled for Friday. The segment was widely condemned on social media platforms in Ivory Coast and across West and Central Africa.