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Ivorian App Puts Artisans at your Fingertips

The Ivory Coast-based Mon Artisan is a skill-on-demand digital platform for artisans and gig workers in the informal sector, offering a wide range of services, including plumbing, home repairs and maintenance, IT support, and others. Also available in Burkina Faso, Mon Artisan allows customers to easily and quickly book work from qualified and reliable artisans in fields such as plumbing, electricity, carpentry, and painting. The platform is designed to provide a simple, pleasant and secure user experience. Mon Artisan has created “a bridge” to connect this unmet demand with a supply of hand-picked workers. Self-funded to date, the startup was recently a participant in the Catalyst Jobtech Accelerator run by Mercy Corps and BFA Global. Sesse said the platform has been generally well-received and seen strong adoption levels.