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It’s All About Coming Together In The Spirit Of uBuntu #PavCares

  • 2 min read

Against all odds, nothing can take away the spirit of uBuntu! Since the aftermath from our recent deluge various corporate, local communities and NGO’s immediately banded together to dedicate their time to volunteer to help many that have been tragically affected by our recent floods!

The Pavilion Shopping Centre in partnership with SA Harvest (a national recognised NPO) whose mission is to end hunger in South Africa. The organisation includes the likes of farmers, manufacturers, retailers all across the food network.  SA Harvest rescues nutritious surplus food that would normally go to waste and, using refrigerated vehicles, delivers it to vetted beneficiaries who then feed hungry persons on a daily basis, amongst their other food related objectives assisted with the distribution of food parcels.

Together with local NPO Fukamela Family Matters based in Chesterville, the facilitation for this storm disaster relief intervention was to ensure all goods for this distribution were received by community based NPO’s within the Chesterville, Masxha, Ext2 and Ridgeview areas.   

“It was heart-warming to see so many volunteers come together in lending their support to make our job easier for this distribution to the various NPO’s and the Chesterville Soup Kitchen’s Meals on Wheels”, says Avesh Udiajoo, a team member from The Pavilion Marketing Department.

“This doesn’t stop here, we will be announcing on all media platforms, our collection drive where we will be appealing to our shoppers to donate items, be it blankets, non-perishable food items, socks, warm clothes, basic toiletries to highlight some items. 

We would like to encourage all to follow The Pavilion Shopping Centre social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) for regular updates!