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‘Io Capitano’: An African Odyssey Inspired by True Events Wins at Venice Film Festival                                                     

Winning accolades at the recent Venice Film Festival, ‘Io Capitano,’ a work by Matteo Garrone, tells the story of Senegalese migrants making the torturous journey across West Africa to Italy. At a time when hostility toward migrants is on the rise, the director aimed to tell a story from the African perspective, aiming to induce empathy and understanding. The film is an odyssey with touches of “The Odyssey,” alive to the spectacle of their undertaking. What starts as an adventure for Seydou and Moussa, played by first-time actors Seydou Sarr and Moustapha Fall, descends into extortion, exploitation and death as they make their way north through Niger and Libya to the fringes of the Mediterranean.