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Interview: How Michaela Cole’s ‘I May Destroy You’ Makes Space for Black Creators

Her debut work ‘Chewing Gum’ thrust British-Ghanaian actress Michaela Cole into the spotlight, and she’s now using her latest work to do the same for other black creators.  The compelling drama tells the complex story of a rape, based on Cole’s own experience.  In this interview, she talks about her creative process, her duality as a British and Ghanaian, and the ways in which she seeks to promote black voices. Unlike many series of this profile from a Black creator, ‘I May Destroy You’ does not revolve around racism, even as a sub-theme. There are, of course, instances where a racial context is unavoidable, but it never drives the narrative. In addition to Arabella’s story, the series explores Kwame’s experiences as a gay man, as well as friendship and loyalty, particularly as it relates to Terry and Arabella who have been close chums since they were schoolgirls. It’s a three-dimensional portrait of life centered around the aftermath of Arabella’s sexual assault delivered with both drama and humor.