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Interview: Director K is Making Historic Afrobeats Music Videos 

Ambition and crazy talent have taken Qudus Olaiwola, aka Director K, from some very humble origins in Lagos to the pinnacle of music video direction. Starting out with nothing more than iPhone, he managed to create visuals that captured the attention of some of the biggest talents and have propelled him to such honors as ‘Video of the Year’ at the Soul Train Awards and a NAACP Image Award. Starting off in the perpetually bristling clusters of Surelere, Lagos, Nigeria as a phone repairer at his uncle’s workshop, Director K’s curiosity shoveled him into believing he could shoot videos on his iPhone. “I used to go super crazy on iPhones, I used to make iPhones do stuff that you couldn’t normally do.” Known for his picturesque portrayals and cinematic approach, Director K has extended his directorial skills to TV commercials, collaborating with Africa’s biggest cable service, DSTV, and etching Skepta’s Havana Club collaboration, amongst many others. At the moment, the reclusive director is focused on creating globally renowned visuals while advocating for recognition of the film labor force and structure within the African film industry.