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International Summit On Sport And Sustainable Development On 25 July 2024 In Paris, For The Pre-opening Of The Olympic And Paralympic Games

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From 26 July 2024, France will be hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games. As the  world’s largest sporting event, involving public institutions, NGOs and members of civil  society, the Games offer a unique opportunity to unite participating nations around  the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

French President Emmanuel Macron and the President of the International Olympic  Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, have proposed a Summit on the eve of the Games’  Opening Ceremony – on 25 July, from 5 to 6.30 p.m., at the “Carrousel du Louvre”. 

Sport for Sustainable Development 

Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together  

For a Better Future 

This Summit will allow countries and sports stakeholders to make clear their  determination to ensure that sport contributes to the SDGs, in line with the Paris 2024  objectives, and as part of a broader commitment to future generations.  

Dedicated to youth, this Summit is part of a series of international events linked to the  Paris Pact for the Planet and People (June 2023) and the Future Summit (September  2024). It will also welcome other heads of state and government, highlighting a shared  interest in “sport and development” projects in partner countries, in the hope that the  legacy of Paris 2024 will enable further progress. 

The Summit, jointly organised by the IOC and the Office of the French President, will  host some 500 participants, including heads of state and government, leaders of  international organisations, athletes and representatives of the sports movement  (French and International Federations, the Olympic Movement, associations and  entrepreneurs), as well as development financiers. It is supported by the Agence  française de développement (AFD) Group, which has been strongly committed to  these issues since 2018.

The goal is to launch a global “sport and sustainable development” initiative across five areas: education and employment, health and nutrition, equality and inclusion, sustainability and legacy, and financing and impact measurement. It will be webcasted in French and English on the event website, which will be launched soon, and on the co-organisers’ social media platforms.

This Summit will contribute to the legacy of the Paris 2024 Games by strengthening and  structuring the contribution of sport to the SDGs.