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International Black Heritage + History Month is Using Fashion to Tell the Story of the African Diaspora

A new digital platform aims to create a new holiday and to celebrate the cultural accomplishments of the African diaspora. Spearheaded by creative visionary, Bruce Reynolds, International Black Heritage + History Month is a catalyst for creating a global holiday to celebrate black culture and to educate the world about the contributions of the African diaspora. The list of fashion designers who have select styles within the curation includes; Casablanca’s Charaf Tajer from Morocco, Thebe Magugu from South Africa, Kenneth Ize from Nigeria, Atto Tetteh from Ghana, Loza Maléombho from Côte d’Ivoire, U.K. based Uptown Yardie, Amsterdam based Daily Paper and Mimi Plange who is Ghanaian-born and based in New York City. Showcasing films, documentaries, podcasts, music, factual content, and articles, IBHHM is an immersive journey of Black Heritage and the global African descent. Black history and its experiences are scattered and compartmentalized around the globe and exist differently for each region.