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Inspiring more Kenyans to be Involved in the Space Industry

Susan Murabana’s life-changing moment happened at 22 years old, when she looked through a telescope for the very first time. The opportunity came while she was a student volunteering with Cosmos Education, a non-profit dedicated to improving science learning in developing countries. By traveling with the organization to schools and villages in her home country of Kenya and helping teach young children, her love for astronomy was sparked. In 2014, Murabana and her husband Daniel Chu Owen set up the social enterprise Travelling Telescope. Combining Susan’s experience in education and public outreach with Owen’s passion for astrophotography and his knowledge of telescopes, the Travelling Telescope is an educational program designed for young children in underserved and remote communities. With just a telescope and a mobile inflatable planetarium, they aim to change lives by giving children a chance to see Saturn, the moon, and various constellations, whilst teaching them basic science and astrophysics.