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Insecure’s Yvonne Orji on Keeping Up with Lagos’s Late-Night Scene

You can’t say you went to Nigeria if you didn’t go to Lagos. Yes, there’s other cities, but Lagos, there’s no place on earth like it. Lagos is chaotic amazingness. After being in America for six years, we went back and my cousins were like, “Okay. We’ll pick you up tonight to go out.” I said, “Okay, great. What time?” He was like, “Around 1:30, 2:00.” I was like, “A.m.? What the heck? Why?” He said, “Because that’s when everything’s starting.” I was like, “When are we going to finish?” We stayed out all night and were coming back in at 6:30 a.m. The sun rose with us. Like, y’all are not tired? The food is delicious, and there’s always a new restaurant coming up. You’re meeting young, vibrant, beautiful Black people who are entrepreneurs, who are opening up businesses, who are just either moving back from the U.K. or America and are setting up shop.