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inDrive And Khanyisa Jaceni Collaborate To Illuminate Khayelitsha

inDrive is thrilled to announce the launch of ‘Layita Khayelitsha’ – a campaign aimed at bringing light, safety, and hope to the Khayelitsha community through the power of music and community support.

Partnering with well-known Amapiano singer, Khanyisa Jaceni, a track has been released exclusively for  inDrive. ‘Layita’, which translates to ‘to light up’, captures the essence of the campaign, inviting people to stream the song from 24 November 2023 to 31 January 2024 on leading platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

For every 2000 streams of the track during the campaign period, inDrive pledges to install a solar light within Khayelitsha. This campaign aims to combat the challenges faced by the community due to insufficient street lighting and frequent power outages which significantly impact safety and security. 

Simply by streaming the track, those listening are making a difference – and the more they stream, the more they are helping. 

“In line with our mission to confront societal injustices, inDrive’s ‘Layita Khayelitsha’ campaign embodies our commitment to foster equity and safety within the communities we operate in,” says Vincent Lilane, Business Development Representative at inDrive, Southern Africa.

Khayelitsha, a township within Cape Town, is one of the key areas of inDrive’s operational landscape. The installation of solar lights is set to improve safety, and stability within the community, potentially setting a precedent for broader initiatives across South Africa.

“To make it more community focused, we decided to lean into Amapiano, a genre deeply rooted in South African townships and which is popular with inDrive’s audience. Leveraging the power of this music genre, the campaign aims to amplify its messages of community support and safety, further solidifying inDrive’s position within the South African market,” adds Lilanei.

Khanyisa’s involvement in the campaign’s song stems from her talent, understanding of the initiative’s essence, and the opportunity to not only contribute to societal change but also grow her audience through meaningful collaboration.

“Layita Khayelitsha is about lighting up and my name means ‘to light up’ too so I had to be involved. I also could not turn down an opportunity to work with a brand that understands the challenges communities in South Africa face and how we need to prioritise safety. Working with a talented team means we could explore and ultimately create a track that people will want to stream – not just because it’s helping but because it’s a great track. And inDrive gave us that creative freedom which is almost unheard of in our industry,” said Khanyisa.  

In addition to working with Khanyisa, inDrive partnered with music stalwarts Ice Beats Slide, an International Platinum Selling Producer/ DJ, and Sbuda Maleather to bring the track to life. The album artwork was designed by visual artist Samurai Ferai, a further nod to South African creativity, and illustrating how music and art combine to make a statement, and to make an impact in a community.

The goal is to install 50 solar lights by the end of February 2024, directly impacting the safety and lives of Khayelitsha residents. The exact installation location has been identified as inDrive aims to bring light to areas that need it the most such as walkways and areas on the side of the road where inDrive clients will wait for their drivers to arrive.

For more information on how to get involved in the ‘Layita Khayelitsha’ campaign and to stream the song, visit the following links:

“Join inDrive and Khanyisa in making a difference. Together, let’s illuminate lives and create safer, brighter communities,” encourages Lilane. 

Since its launch in South Africa in 2019, inDrive has experienced significant growth, expanding its user base across the country and diversifying its offerings to include courier and freight services for small businesses and individuals. The original ‘name your price’ model has evolved with safety for all being a priority for the business along with a commitment to arrival times. Currently operating in 9 cities, inDrive has plans for further expansion into additional cities across the country.
For more information on Layita Khayelitsha and inDrive, please head to the website for updates.