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Independent Advocate Appointed To Probe Fritz Claims

The State Attorney has appointed advocate Jennifer Williams to conduct an independent investigation into the sexual misconduct claims levelled at Fritz.

The four officials in Albert Fritz’s office who received precautionary suspensions, got them because of “their own actions or inactions”.

That’s the word from Community Safety Head of Department Yashina Pillay.

The four officials were employed in the ministry and reported directly to Fritz. 

They include the head of the office, spokesperson and two junior staff members. 

Pillay put them on suspension so that allegations made against them can be fully investigated.

She said while they are employed in Fritz’s ministry, they are being investigated by the Provincial People Management Unit.

This as calls grow for those who worked closely with Fritz to also be held accountable. 

The ANC in the province is calling for transparency, saying given that gender-based violence is rife in South Africa it should not be covered up to protect any political party.