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Ifeanyi Okwuadi On Helping Design the Looks on ‘Bridgerton’

Bridgerton is one of the most popular series on Netflix, and it owes alot of that success to the world’s enchantment with the characters’ wardrobes and settings. One of the talents responsible for creating this look is British-African designer Ifeanyi Okwuadi. A former footballer, who found a calling in fashion, he has been infusing the show with a fresh perspective that adds to all of the period dazzle. Born to a Sierra Leonean mother and Nigerian father, Okwuadi, 27, studied textile design at Ravensbourne University in London. He’d worked for Cat and the Dandy, a well-known costume designer in the English capital, although he had wanted to be a footballer. His emerging top as the winner of 2021 Hyères Fashion Festival cemented his presence in the industry, and has since granted him access into multiple spots, including being one of the designers to work on Bridgerton.