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If You’re Keen to Explore a Slice of the Eco-riches of Lagos

Lagos holds its annual Tree Planting Day on July 14 each year as part of a bigger plan to build a greener city. Companies are adopting roundabouts to turn them into cute green spaces, and botanical gardens are appearing in public schools.  The Lekki Conservation Centre is one of Lagos’ ecotourism hotspots. Established in 1990, it covers 78 hectares (about 193 acres) of wetland, mangrove forest and savannah vegetation. The Johnson Jakande Tinubu (JJT) Park in the Central Business District of Alausa boasts a mini-waterfall, fountain, children’s play area, a love nest, multiple gazebos and a lush lawn fit for picnics. It’s also the public face of the drive to make Lagos greener. Shodex Gardens is a horticulturists’ delight, packed with a diverse collection of plants. With careful labeling of the different species, you’ll come away from the experience more knowledgeable about the flora on display.