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If You Want To Party Go To Ibiza Not Vegas for F1 – Verstappen

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If you want to party go to Ibiza, suggested Red Bull’s triple Formula One world champion Max Verstappen as the disillusioned Dutchman lamented the lack of passionate, knowledgeable motor racing fans in Las Vegas this weekend.

Las Vegas may have lots of great spots to drink, gamble and see a good show, but Formula One is a serious sport and not just another act on the Strip, Formula One’s biggest star said after putting his Red Bull second on the starting grid alongside Ferrari polesitter Charles LeClerc for Saturday night’s race.

“Of course I understand the fans. They need something to do as well around a track,” said Verstappen. “But I think it is more important you actually make them understand what we do as sport.

“Most of them just come to have a party, drink, see a DJ play or watch a performance act. I can do that all over the world, go to Ibiza and get really shit-faced but that’s what happens.”

“They don’t actually understand what we are doing or what we are putting on the line.”

Since arriving in Sin City for the much-hyped race, Verstappen has expressed his distain for the showbiz promotion around the event, reminding everyone he is first and foremost a racing driver.

While Las Vegas leaves the 26-year-old cold, it is motorsports’ traditional tracks like Spa and Monza that get him fired up.

And until many of those with tickets to the Las Vegas race understand what it is that makes drivers tick, Formula One will remain a warmup act for every other performer on the Strip.

If Verstappen wins on Saturday it would extend his single season record to 18 victories and take his career total to 53, leaving him joint third on the all-time list.

Only Lewis Hamilton (103) and Michael Schumacher (91) have won more.

“For me when I was a little kid it was about the emotion of the sport, it’s what I fell in love with and not the show,” said Verstappen. “As a real racer the show shouldn’t really matter.

“When you go to Spa, these kinds of places, they have a lot of emotion and passion and for me seeing the fans there is incredible. When I jump in the car there I am fired up and I enjoy driving around these kinds of places.”

Las Vegas? Not so much – no matter how hard Verstappen tries to say otherwise.

“I love Vegas, I love to go out have a few drinks throw everything on red, have some nice food. But the emotion, passion it’s not there like some old school tracks.”