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I Was Aware Of Zuma’s Medical Parole – Lamola

Justice Minister Ronald Lamola said the courts will have to decide whether it was right to grant former president Jacob Zuma medical parole.

The DA is among the parties challenging the decision by outgoing correctional services national commissioner, Arthur Fraser.

Zuma was paroled for medical reasons, just weeks after being imprisoned for contempt of court.

Lamola says he was fully aware of the details around the parole.  

“But I will not want to dwell much on whether parole boards recommendations and doctors had recommended because it’s now a matter before the court and let it be ventilated there…”

“The awarding and granting of medical parole is in the hands of the national commissioner who has the authority to do it, whether it was done wrong or rightly I think we’ll have to leave that for the courts to decide… but the act does give power to the national commissioner and act does give authority to myself to deal with matters of inmates that have been sentenced to life,” he said.