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I Stand By My Decision To Side With The ANC – Still

The DA's Anthony Still. Picture: Anthony.still.71/Facebook

Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor Anthony Still on Friday said he stood by his decision to defy his party’s instruction and side with the African National Congress (ANC).

This week, Still refused to stage a walk out of the Johannesburg Council with the DA as they believed the meeting was being presided over by an illegitimate speaker.

Still’s presence in the council gave the ANC the quorum needed to continue with the meeting, but he insists he remained in the chambers in the interest of service delivery.

The DA said it would start disciplinary proceedings against him.

Still said he defied the DA’s instruction to walk out because the party doesn’t have a strong case to prove that Speaker Nonceba Molwele was illegitimate.

“Their own legal council did not support that view and so, I struggled to then go against what I regard the rule of law. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done and I just think we are obstructing the work of council.”

He said he was ready for whatever action the party takes against him: “I took action and I know there will be consequences for it. So, I’m not trying to hide from that.”

Still denied the DA’s suggestion that he may be one of the councillors who voted with the ANC last month when Geoff Makhubo was elected mayor.


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