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Huawei Showcases Its FusionSolar Solution, Power-M

Huawei used the launch of its brand new Mate 50 smart device to simultaneously introduce Power-M, an advanced digital back-up power solution, which is suitable for every household to meet their power supply needs.

Both products demonstrate Huawei’s market leadership in innovative technology combined with sleek, modern designs. 

The Power-M itself was on display at the launch event, providing guests with the opportunity to engage with the product and see for themselves how this digital solution to ever increasing energy costs and persistent loadshedding, is at the same time powerful,  yet space efficient with low sound emissions.

In his presentation, Nick Lusson, Senior Sales Consultant, Huawei Digital Power Southern Africa, said, “With soaring fuel prices, loadshedding and high prices of grid electricity, and the need for low carbon energy solutions, it is more important than ever to help South Africans find a reliable energy solution. The Power-M is all of this and more.”

The innovative modular, integrated design allows users to enjoy a reliable back up power supply without multiple pieces of equipment and dangerous cables laying around. It can seamlessly switch between the grid, battery power, diesel gensets, and solar power. The capacity of each battery is 5kWh, but the design allows the system to be configured with up to six batteries, giving a maximum capacity of 45kWh.

The Power-M unit is visually appealing and its size – taking up less than 0.1m² – means it can fit discretely into any home, in combination with its excellent noise control performance, making it suitable even for small space living. It has a frosted enamel finish, and a visual power display that is intuitive and easy to understand.

“The Power-M can be installed as a power backup without solar panels, which can be added whenever needed. It also has the flexibility to add new batteries without sacrificing performance. It is beautiful, easy and quick to install and use. It is strong enough for even the worst grid conditions. It is suitable for apartments, and houses of varying sizes,” said Lusson.

Huawei’s next generation products are consistently leading the market with their advanced technical specifications, elegant designs, making them competitive in a highly contested space.