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How To Support Community-Based Businesses

Community-based businesses are an exceptionally important part of small communities and areas as they not only provide goods and services to those in the neighbourhood, but these businesses also create employment opportunities for those needing work close to home. Here are five ways to support small community businesses during these tough times. 

Shop online 

A number of small businesses popped up online during these last few months, so an easy way to support them would be to, well, shop online. And who doesn’t love a bit of online shopping? A great local company to support is Yebo Fresh, which specialises in bringing good food to townships. Through making employees central to their business as they grew, they were able to provide people from the communities they serve a chance at employment, and offer growth in their careers, which went hand-in-hand with the company’s growth. So, in a nutshell, the more you support them, the more they are able to employ people who need jobs. 

Grab a coffee at a local place 

So many neighbourhoods have small coffee shops and restaurants dotted around. These establishments greatly benefit from every little thing that gets sold. So, if you’re a coffee addict or even just want tea or a juice, why not grab one at your local coffee shop? Every bit helps! 

If you’re based in Johannesburg and you’re keen to support local businesses by purchasing a coffee or something to eat, you will be happy to hear that Airbnb and SnapScan have partnered up on a fun initiative that allows you to earn some money back every time you spend using SnapScan. All you have to do is find a participating business on this map, spend the minimum amount required and you will get R75 back to spend at another business from the map. And don’t worry, Airbnb is funding the whole thing so these small businesses get 100% of the money spent through SnapScan. 

Support a fundraiser

With many SMMEs struggling with the economic effects of COVID-19, there have been a number of companies who have set up ways to donate to small businesses and various causes with ease. If you have the ability to donate even the smallest amount, find a business or a cause in your area that could really use the help and give them some money towards things that they may need. Quicket, for example, has made it easy for people to start fundraising campaigns. Simply log on to the website and find a community cause that speaks to you, and then make your donation. 

Attend their events 

In a bid to get more people to know about their establishments, many community businesses are hosting unique events such as painting workshops, cooking classes and more. If you see a local company doing such an event, this really is a fun and easy way to support them. Not only do you get the warm fuzzy feelings that come with doing good, but you also walk away with a wonderful experience and memories to treasure for a lifetime. 

Use your social media

Something that will cost you nothing is sharing information about community businesses on your social media channels. If you see that a local business has shared something, hit that “share” or “retweet” button and spread the word. A small act like this could go a long way as you never know who in your social (or social media) circle are looking for something new to do, a new place to discover or a fun event to attend.