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How To Lighten Up During Load Shedding

  • 3 min read

Since load shedding has officially become an unwanted guest in our lives, we have to work out ways of coping with this new reality.  Rather than sitting in the dark, fuming about Eskom, this could be just the drive many of us need to move away from the hours spent in front of the TV and do things we don’t usually do. .

Here are some of the fun and different things to do when the power is down, whether it’s playing card games with the family or becoming one with nature. These activities will surely ’lighten up’ your mood when the lights are out!

Have a Bring n Braai

Invite some friends over for a braai at your place with the entrance fee being food to be braaid. This way, you’ll have the chance to chill out with your mates and enjoy a cost effective meal at the same time. A useful tip: With Teljoy, you can rent‐to‐own a Kalahari 4 Burner Gas Braai that will allow you to cook up a meal in no time. The best part about this is that you have the option to take ownership of the Gas Braai after the predetermined rental period.

Bond with family around a fire

So, the power is out and there is not much to do around the house. Why not use this time to bond with your family? Bring out the board games and let the good times roll! If you have a fireplace, even better! Gather some firewood, prepare some s’mores and go over some of your scariest ghost stories with your siblings. All of these things will contribute to a perfect night in with the ones you love – and for once you can thank Eskom for making this possible!

Spring clean the house

When was the last time you did a proper clean up of your home? This might be the best opportunity to do just that. It may not seem much fun at the beginning but, once you’re in the swing of things, you’ll find it quite therapeutic. Clean out your cupboard and donate all the clothes you no longer need. You might even find some valuable items while you’re at it.

Become one with nature

Use this downtime to refresh your connection with nature. If you’re home and not quite sure what to do with yourself, how about gathering some of your closest friends and heading to a place which doesn’t depend on the use of electricity to function? Cape Point, for instance, is a great option with its array of outdoor activities ranging from walks, hiking trails and cycling routes. The many picnic spots are perfect for those who would prefer to relax and take in the beautiful scenery.

But seriously just do something other than complain, unless this is your first power cut then go for it. There’s no use depressing everyone else, there is surely something you can do that doesn’t require electricity.