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How to Give Your Dishes a West African Twist

Tosin Samuel, popularly known as TSpices Kitchen, is a food content creator, recipe developer, author, entrepreneur, and food stylist. I first stumbled on Tosin’s signature recipe thread on Twitter in the first quarter of 2020. It was a pancake recipe, but not the conventional pancake recipe. It was pancake made with overripe plantain. I’m not entirely sure what exactly held my interest at the time – the recipe itself or the simple innovative way it was shared; as a thread of photo collages with brief captions. I immediately followed her, and like a number of her other 53,000 followers, I have made a good number of meals and pastries with her recipes. From then up until now, Tosin’s followership and influence have grown significantly. This is evident in the trove of engagements her posts command on social media, and the calibre of brands she has collaborated with such as UBA, Domino’s Pizza, and Cold Stone Creamery. The kicker, however, is that she never planned for or envisioned this life path. Her journey into recipe development and food content creation started with her wanting to learn to cook for herself. And now it has become a part-time job that she is considering quitting her day job for. In this interview, we chat about how she’s built her brand, what keeps her going, and how she plans to scale over time.