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How to Experience Lagos and Parts of Nigeria

It would be wonderful for people to fully experience Lagos and other parts of Nigeria but planning trips and fun activities can be stressful. You must first choose a location or an activity and then plan the logistics. Given the state of insecurity in the country, you often have to investigate the safety of certain places. The tale of Lagos makes for an interesting read. The city has been dubbed Africa’s entertainment capital, from its exciting nightlife to its bubbly beach resorts. However, it is more exciting to experience the city. Whether it’s strolling through Africa’s longest canopy walk at the Lekki Conservation Center or eating an overpriced plate of spaghetti bolognese at the newest ‘island’ restaurant, There’s always some fun activity. But it is not just Lagos. Every city in Nigeria is worth experiencing. Like exploring the Ogbunike Caves in Eastern Nigeria or hiking the Mambilla Plateau up north. Explore with Dera offers premium enjoyment on a friendly budget through food adventures while Explore Lagos focuses on curating group trips, day-cations, family trips, foodie hangouts, and stay-cations.