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How this Kenyan Entrepreneur Turns Air into Water

Beth Koigi, a technology and community development specialist from Kiambu County, felt compelled to found Majik Water after experiencing water scarcity first hand. Koigi traveled to Silicon Valley for a program at Singularity University. This global learning community uses technology to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. While there, she met Anastasia Kaschenko, an American environmental scientist, and Clare Sewell, a British economist. The three women formed and lead Majik Water. The device they created uses silica gels, which are able to draw water from the air. The gel releases water when it heats up. As an added perk, the device uses solar panels, meaning it does not rely on electricity. The company is quickly gaining recognition for their game-changing invention. Majik Water won Africa’s first EDF Pulse Awards. They were also finalists for 2018’s UN Environment’s Young Champions of the Earth, and are shortlisted for the 2019 African Prize for Engineering Innovation.