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How Some African Couples are Tying the Knot during the Pandemic

Marriage. In these socially distanced times, even the ceremony itself can’t always bring couples — and their families — together. In Africa, some digitally savvy couples are finding virtual workarounds to get them to the altar, including weddings where the bride and groom are thousands of kilometers apart. Fifi and Emmanuel Egbebu got married last month. But in these difficult times of coronavirus restrictions on travel, they resorted to a modern solution:  they did it virtually. She was in Nigeria’s southeastern Enugu state, dancing herself down the aisle for their traditional Nigerian wedding. And he was in Johannesburg, South Africa’s economic hub, where he works as a musician, watching it all online. The bride says her special day was no less special despite the absence of the groom. While some couples are delaying their weddings until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, the Egbebus didn’t want to wait to declare their love and commitment. The Egbebus plan to reunite in South Africa when flights resume. For now, these two — and countless others — will have to have and hold each other virtually.