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How Nigerian Streetwear Brand, Daltimore, is Rising to Celebrity Status

Over the span of just a few years, Nigerian streetwear brand, Daltimore, has changed with the times and positioned itself as one of the most influential brands in the fashion space. Sensing a Gen Z orientation toward Y2K fashion iconography, it created designs evocative of that era, which have attracted quite a star following. Streetwear has a stronghold on Nigerian youth culture, especially in Lagos. Bucket hats, crop tops, baguette bags, baggy jeans, mini skirts, and so on. Enter Daltimore, seizing the moment by signposting how these cultural pulses are intersecting. At first, the brand didn’t eschew streetwear’s disruptive tendencies when founded by its creative director David Omigie in 2015. The brand name is significant for David, to immortalize his late brother. Baltimore was his nickname back in high school.