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How Morocco Developed its National Teams 

Football, one could argue, has been part of the fabric of Moroccan nationhood since independence in 1956. It has consistently held a prominent place on the agenda of the authorities. The country is also reaping the benefits of international football success. Strong performances on the global stage have elevated Morocco’s football reputation internationally. Another factor is the country’s growing influence in football governance. Morocco has strategically positioned itself in African and international football governance, with influential figures such as Fouzi Lekjaa holding key positions in organisations like the Confederation of African Football and global football body Fifa. Despite setbacks like the earthquake and considering the current turmoil in the region due to the war between Israel and Hamas, both Afcon and the World Cup will serve as significant occasions to unify Moroccans from diverse backgrounds in celebration of a rich football heritage. These events also provide north African football enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in African and global football experiences.