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How Mauritania Converted Traditional Armed Groups to become Security Personnel

Camels might be a big part of the culture of many families in Mauritania, but it is also a symbol of the State. Within the armed forces, the Mehari National Guard unit uses camel-riding policemen to go meet the population, as is the case in the locality of Achemime. These police officers dressed in traditional attire and riding camels might be the best way to go about Mauritania’s Sahara Desert. The 300 men patrol through remote areas bordering Mali to contribute to the fight against terrorist cells active in the region. But these soldiers, whilst being skilled in combat do not limit their activities to engaging the enemy. They also take on a support role. members of the Mehariste National Guard unit have helped provide running water, public transport, patient care, as well as most of the public service facilities to populations. The Mehari National Gard now has two command posts, one of them in Achemime. With support from the European Union, they plan to open additional facilities in the city, that could train up to 320 people. The unit should also receive 250 additional camels shortly, thanks to financing from the EU.