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How Ifeoma Nwobu’s Dynamic Interests Led her from Modeling to Tech

Ifeoma B. Nwobu is the COO of Sendstack, a mobility tech startup, in Lagos, Nigeria. But before this tech sis started pitching to investors, she was once the face of Vogue online, a model who walked the runway for top designers like Laquan Smith, Lisa Folawiyo, Lanre Da Silva Ajayi to mention a few at top fashion week events. In 2020, Nwobu got the opportunity to work with Bidemi Zakariyau, the founder of LSF PR. She handled digital marketing and gained some insights on Public Relations under Bidemi. At the time, she was also running a fashion resale business with her sister and business partner, Onyeka Nwobu. When Nwobu got her first job in Tech in marketing and product growth, it was a startup owned by her now co-founder.