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How Gabon Manages its Side of the Congo Basin

Despite the critical role it plays in absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, the rainforest has long been under serious threat from logging and other illegal activities. Many of the countries that form part of the rainforest like Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo struggle with conservation due to a lack of funds or rebel groups. Gabon, on the other hand, claims it has preserved its natural environment with satellite imagery and environment-first policies – and some industry insiders agree. This week, Gabon is hosting Africa Climate Week in Libreville, the capital. The UN-backed conference aims to find solutions to Africa’s climate challenges ahead of the COP27 (United Nations Climate Change Conference), in Egypt in November. Experts say that Gabon will use the conference as an opportunity to position itself as a model country for preserving rainforests, which cover 88 percent of the country.