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How Committed Is the U.S. to Africa? $55B Worth, White House Says

The United States will demonstrate its commitment to the African continent with $55 billion in pledges, national security adviser Jake Sullivan said Monday on the eve of a three-day summit of 50 high-level African delegations in Washington. “The U.S. will commit $55 billion to Africa over the course of the next three years, across a wide range of sectors, to tackle the core challenges of our time,” Sullivan said. “These commitments build on the United States’ long-standing leadership and partnership in development, economic growth, health and security in Africa.” Sullivan said that the summit, which runs through Thursday, will include a small multilateral meeting between President Joe Biden and a select group of African leaders, who have yet to be identified. The leaders would discuss, among other things, the elections happening on the continent in 2023, Sullivan said. Polls of note include presidential elections in Congo, Sudan and the world’s newest country, South Sudan.