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How Africans Can Monetize their Content Away from Traditional Channels

Ugandan startup eebo has developed a video platform to help creators of movies, music or educational content to get discovered and monetise.The eebo story began in May 2019, when Austrian Agnes Aistleitner arrived in Uganda and was “perplexed” about the high cost of internet in the region, and knew instantly she had stumbled upon a problem that needed a solution. Proprietary “eebo boxes” were born. Each box is about the size of a desk printer, square in shape, hosts content locally, and allows users to stream the videos over its Wi-Fi signal. The pandemic forced eebo to adapt, with the startup changing strategy by focusing on creator acquisition on its online streaming platform. Aistleitner said the switch had been a game-changer. “We have grown from a free streaming platform only available in selected locations within Kampala to a marketplace for content creators to sell their original productions, earning per transaction, with multiple payment platform integration, and access to real-time insights from the palm of their hand,” she said. Pre-eebo, there was no way for African content creators to monetise their music videos, vlogs, movies, documentaries or TV shows, with the exception of YouTube, video retailers or airing on a TV station.