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House of the Big Arch

Designed to be at one with its unique location in the Bushveld Nature Preserve in northern South Africa, the House of the Big Arch is a masterpiece of contemporary residential living. Designed by Frankie Pappas Architects of Johannesburg, the unusual dimensions of the structure commune with the forest while also making a stunning statement. Measuring just 3.3m wide, House of the Big Arch uses these narrow dimensions incredibly well to deliver a welcoming and striking contemporary residential home. The unusual aesthetic of this streamlined house is a direct result of its unique location within a nature reserve, surrounded by forest and alongside sandstone cliffs, which dictated that it couldn’t be an imposing piece of architecture and needed to fit in subtly with its surroundings. The House of the Big Arch has been designed in such a manner so that it would be completely enveloped by the surrounding forest and sit within the canopies of the existing trees on the plot. The property’s long, narrow shape was determined by the location of the trees so that not even one tree had to be felled during its construction.