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House Hunting in Africa Made Easier

Seso Global, a one-stop platform for property management and transactions that began life in Nigeria, has expanded to South Africa and Ghana and is looking even further afield as it focuses on addressing a major challenge on the continent. Launched in Nigeria in June 2019, Seso has developed a customer relationship management (CRM) portal that enables property developers, agents and governments to manage their properties, documentation and transactions on a secure blockchain database. Seso has expanded very quickly indeed. The startup launched its first pilot in South Africa in November 2019, rolling out a government-facing registry portal with funding from Mastercard and the Oppenheimer Foundation, and launched in Ghana in May of this year in partnership with the British High Commission. Seso provides a verified marketplace and one-stop platform for buyers to find properties and close their transactions. The startup takes a fee for transactions completed on the marketplace from those listing properties, though it is free to join and list.