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Homeless People Have The Right To Vote – IEC

Homeless people in Cape Town will also vote in the 2021 Local Government Elections.

Mayco member for Community Services and Health, Zahid Badroodien says the city has assisted many of the homeless to register to vote but there are major challenges that are hindering the poor from casting their ballot.

Around 14,000 homeless people roam the streets of Cape Town. 

Those who have experienced hardship are hopeful that their vote will bring positive change.

Anda Mazantsana said, “for me personally, I do feel now coming into these elections that something else will be done by the government to try and empower the homeless instead of chasing the homeless from where they are.”

But others say they have been robbed of their democratic right to vote.

Voters need to have an identity document in order to make their mark.

The City of Cape Town says it’s harder to assist the homeless with IDs if they don’t have a  permanent place of residence.

Badroodien said, “because it’s elections and because those who have accepted our support in our safe spaces may have access to IDs, they now have an opportunity as well.”

“So there are two main issues at play here. One is obviously access to IDs which unlocks your ability to vote and unlocks your ability to employment but also we see, unfortunately, homeless people move around from community to community.”

With elections looming, politicians will be hoping for as many votes even if it’s from citizens who don’t have a roof over their heads.