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Holding Thumbs for Kenya’s Miracle Birth

Conservationists have called the birth of twin elephants a unique moment. Among the endangered species twins form about only one percent of births. Conservation group Save the Elephants said the twins were born to a mother named Bora and were first spotted by lucky tourists on a safari drive at the weekend in Samburu reserve. The days-old calves were seen getting accustomed to their savannah surroundings with their doting mother and an older sibling. However, the next few days will be crucial; quite often mothers of twins don’t have enough milk to support the calves. “We all have our fingers crossed for their survival”, Save the Elephants’ founder Iain Douglas-Hamilton said. The births brought joy in the country where an increase in elephant population has been observed. According to the country’s first-ever national wildlife census conducted last year, there are an estimated 36,280 elephants in Kenya.