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Hill-Lewis confident Cape Town will lead breakaway from load shedding

Mayor of Cape Town Geordin Hill-Lewis said that he was confident the city would be the first metro to break away from the suffocating load shedding.

Hill-Lewis tabled a draft budget to the amount of R70 billion for the 2023/2024 financial year.

An amount of R11 billion was allocated for the city’s capital expenditure.

In addition, the mayor also committed R2.3 billion to mitigate load shedding.

“The National Energy Regulator of South Africa announced an 18.65% increase for municipalities across the country. We have looked at that and we have seen what can we do to help shield the blow a little bit.

“For all consumers, we are doing a [17.6%] increase, so we have absorbed a little bit of the blow. We know that it’s a small consolation.”

However, he said that the budget was open for public comment until 5 May.