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Hiker Falls To His Death On Table Mountain

Hiker Falls To His Death On Table Mountain

A hiker has fallen to his death on Table Mountain.

The accident happened on Monday, the first day on which people were allowed more freedom to exercise under level three lockdown.

It would’ve been the first time the hiker was allowed on the mountain since the COVID-19 lockdown was introduced on 27 March.

He was walking near Nursery Ravine after 4pm when other hikers nearby heard rocks falling.

They went to inspect and saw the man who had fallen.

Rescuers were alerted and a team abseiled down to the body, accompanied by a paramedic.

The hiker had tragically already succumbed to his injuries.

Police were called to investigate but it soon became dark and too dangerous to retrieve the body.

A decision was taken to leave the body on the mountain overnight and early this morning, when the fog lifted, it was airlifted by a Health Department helicopter.