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Higher Certificates: The 1-Year Qualification That Opens The Door To Degree Study & Career Success

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Many matriculants do not realise that even if they did not achieve a university pass, they are still able to pursue post-Matric study. And others who failed to apply timeously for university space might think they have to forfeit the year, when that is not the case.

This is because there is a brilliant option for both these categories of Matriculants – that of completing a Higher Certificate, which takes one year and opens the door to either degree study or a foot on the career ladder.

“Many of last year’s Matriculants now find themselves in a situation where their plans to study towards a degree this year were thwarted by marks which didn’t allow them to make the cut. But there is still a way for those who remain determined to study towards a bachelor’s degree: that of pursuing a Higher Certificate, which will allow them to take the next step without having to repeat Matric,” says Shevon Lurie, Managing Director at IIE Vega, a brand of The Independent Institute of Education, SA’s largest and most accredited private higher education provider.

She says Higher Certificates have replaced many foundation programmes, as they provide students with an opportunity to gain a full qualification while at the same time mastering those essential skills needed for higher education success.

“And the great news is that there is still time for prospective students to enrol if they move swiftly. This will allow even those Matrics whose results were not as great as they hoped, or those who left their applications too late, to end 2022 with a career-advancing qualification in hand.”

Lurie says quality Higher Certificates from a respected institution are springboards to success, as they are laser-focused on equipping students with the real-life, future-focused skills for which the demand continues to grow in a rapidly evolving workplace across the globe.

“All our Higher Certificates empower students with the skills they need for very specific roles, and all of them are linked to a range of career opportunities.”

Lurie says Higher Certificates cover a number of career fields, including, for instance:

IIE Higher Certificate in Mobile Application & Web Development 

If you are interested in building interactive mobile and web-based applications, this programme is for you. This qualification will provide you with hands-on practical experience in the basic principles of programming, mobile apps, web development, user interface and user experience design. Students develop their own portfolio and skillset suitable for entry-level positions, while opening up the perfect pathway into degree studies in graphic design, digital design and game design and development. Career opportunities following successful completion include: Junior Web Developer, Junior Mobile App Developer and Junior Software Developer.

IIE Higher Certificate in Brand Building

This qualification is designed to give you the insight, skill and academic support to pursue degree studies in brand communication, brand building and management. The focus is on fostering critical thinking, fundamental branding knowledge, accounting skills and creative confidence. Career opportunities following successful completion include: Junior member of a communication, digital marketing, strategic brand management or game design team. Alternatively, the student can pursue a relevant degree upon completion.

IIE Higher Certificate in Creative Development

In pursuing this qualification, students gain the insight, skills and academic support required to pursue degree studies in the fields of design, brand communication and brand management. The focus is on building awareness around creative concept development and critical thinking skills in preparation for studies in Graphic Design, Copywriting, Digital Design, Interior Design, Game Design and Strategic Brand Communication. This certificate also provides an introduction to the Creative Brand Communication and Design Industry, ensuring students are prepared to enter a relevant degree or the industry as an apprentice. Career opportunities upon completion include: Junior member of a creative, graphic design, copywriting, digital design, interior design, game design, strategic brand management, digital marketing or brand building and management team, in addition to providing access to degree study.

IIE Higher Certificate in Video and Photography

This certificate provides students with hands-on practical experience in the basic principles of creative concept development and storytelling, video and sound, photography, digital editing, and branding and entrepreneurship. The great news is that IIE Vega also does not require a portfolio as part of the application process, because their primary focus is on how their students think and how collaborative they are as creative solution seekers. The development of an industry-ready portfolio is a core focus, and an additional bonus as successful students enter the job search market. In addition to providing access to degree study, successful students will have access to the following career opportunities: Photographer, videographer, social media content creator, video editor, photographic studio assistance, video camera operator, video/production coordinator, and blog/lifestyle photographer.