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Here are the Top 10 Most Peaceful African Countries

A recent report by the Global Peace Index (GPI) revealed that the world is experiencing the highest number of conflicts since World War II ended, with 56 ongoing conflicts involving 92 countries. The rise in minor conflicts suggests a potential increase in major conflicts in the future, especially since Ethiopia, Ukraine, and Gaza were considered minor conflicts in 2019 before they generated into major wars. Despite the decline in peacefulness across the world and West Africa’s status as the second least peaceful following Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Africa still boasts many peaceful nations. The most peaceful of this is Mauritania which sits at 22 on the global peace index. Madagascar, Botswana, Ghana, and Zambia make up the top five ranking 44th, 50th, 55th, and 57th respectively. Namibia, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Angola make up the rest of the continent’s top 10 most peaceful countries.