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Here are the Platforms Leading Africa’s Entertainment Scene

The African entertainment scene is rapidly evolving, thanks to a number of innovative platforms that are changing the way people consume and create content. The most popular way we’ve seen this happen is the takeover of streaming services in recent years. Anthill Studios is a fully integrated, broad-based media production company in Nigeria and a leader in the creation and production of all forms of entertainment. The company was founded in 2016 by Niyi Akinmolayan, a filmmaker and entrepreneur, who wanted to create a platform for African animators to express their creativity and skills. Play Network has produced several successful movies, such as Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, Rattlesnake: The Ahanna Story, and Nneka the Pretty Serpent. However, their latest and most innovative experiment so far is the launching of Aki and Pawpaw Epic Run, the first Nollywood game app. Carry1st is a pan-African mobile gaming platform that develops and publishes games for the African market. Kugali is a visual storytelling brand using comics, graphic novels, augmented reality, and animation to create incredible, engaging experiences. In 2015 Lucrezia Bisignani, founded Kukua to use technology to improve literacy and numeracy skills among African children.