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Here are a Few Chatbots Built by Africans that can Function in ChatGPT’s Stead

OpenAI’s products, such as ChatGPT and Midjourney, might be the poster boys. But similar chatbots have been springing up in Africa, albeit more silently. One notable trend among them is how they function on social messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. This method makes adoption easy since WhatsApp is practically ubiquitous in Africa. Statista says approximately 95% of South Africa’s internet users use WhatsApp every month and it has a popularity score of 92% among Nigerians. Justin Irabor, a Nigerian developer, built Kainene vos Savant this year, and the chatbot is quickly gaining traction on social media. FoondaMate is a South African AI robot you can chat with on WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. Its primary function is to provide quick answers to school-related questions. Bertha Kgokong founded MobileGPT to bring the generative AI experience closer to African users.