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Here Are 50 of the Best African Foods from Across the Continent

African cuisine is as diverse as the immense continent. Even if you think you know it and like it, you have probably only scratched the surface of one or another region’s specialties. To give you an insight into the best of what’s out there, OkayAfrica surveyed its readers for their recommendations. From Nigerian standbys like suya and fufu can be found easily in the immigrant-rich neighborhoods of New York and London while Moroccan tajine is practically a home cooking staple in many countries, albeit probably not in the way Moroccans know it. Senegalese thieboudienne and (Nigerian, Ghanaian, Sierra Leonean) jollof are coming close to that global ubiquity too while East African favorite chapatis and samosas tend to get lumped in with their cousins from the Indian subcontinent.