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Here Are 10 Sustainable African Fashion Brands Every Fashionista Should Know          

As the world’s sensitivity to climate change, limited natural resources, and the importance of community development intensifies, sustainability is an increasingly important theme in fashion. While the movement has a long way to go, certain trailblazers in Africa are making strides and generating great design in the process. Nigerian fashion brand headed by Nkwo Onwuka strives to reduce waste, which has led to the invention of a “new African fabric” called DAKALA CLOTH. NKWO is a pioneer in Nigeria’s sustainable fashion movement that emphasizes resource conservation. Sustainable Ivorian menswear brand OLOOH, led by Kadar Diaby, pays homage to Ivorian artisans by employing female workers in the commune of Treichville to dye the eco-linen used for the brand’s pieces. Using biodegradable materials and fabrics (such as silk, satin, and semi-precious stones.), sustainable fashion label Sophie Nzinga crafts exquisite designs that blend several cultures, particularly Sophie’s Senegalese heritage and New York City education.