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Helping Employees in Nigeria Get Faster Access to their Pay

Founded by Nonso Onwuzulike to improve the financial well-being of employees, Earnipay uses its technology to offer employees the opportunity to access their earned salaries into their accounts flexibly, in real-time and interest-free. Earnipay partners with employers and seamlessly integrates with their payroll systems to offer its services to employees, who can then track and withdraw their accrued salaries via the app. Businesses are able to have complete oversight and set limits for the percentage of salaries employees can withdraw each month. Since operating in beta, Earnipay has served over 20 businesses, outsourcing firms and HR solution providers in Nigeria including Eden Life and Thrive Agric, whose employees have used the app to access their salary over 1,000 times, indicating a strong demand for the solution. With the Seed funding of $4m, Earnipay will accelerate the development of its technology platform to serve large enterprise employers. By doing so, Earnipay will provide employees with the tools they need to make better financial decisions and improve their quality of life. The company plans to offer its on-demand salary solution to 200,000 employees by the end of 2022. On-demand salary access is a huge opportunity in Africa, with over 70 per cent of Africa’s workforce (500 million people) paid every 30 days and are living paycheck to paycheck. The 30-days pay cycle has led to 40 per cent of the workforce living in an unending debt cycle as they struggle to match their income to their daily expenses, emergencies and opportunities. African businesses struggle to provide scalable solutions for employees to access their daily salaries as they work for it due to legacy payroll process, lack of available cash flow and internal salary advance that remains to be a tedious and manual affair.