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Help Ladles Of Love Serve 1-Million Meals This Festive Season

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Ladles of Love is calling on everyone to be ‘love activists’ this festive season and get involved in their ‘FillaPot’ campaign, aimed at filling pots of soup to feed thousands of vulnerable people in need.

“Now more than ever the team at Ladles of Love is determined to keep community pots full and are on a mission to fill 10,000 pots and provide 1 million nutritious meals to feed 35,000 people a day this festive season,” says Ladles of Love founder Danny Diliberto.

Ladles of Love is asking everyone to share the love and ‘FILLAPOT’ by donating R150.  Every donation of R150 received will fill a pot with nutritious vegetables, pulses and grains and each pot will serve 100 people.

Diliberto continues: “Having provided over nine million meals since lock down with our Food Donation and Sandwich Drive initiative with the help of the public, Ladles of Love is still on a massive fundraising drive to keep our Distribution Centre at Sun International GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World full of food to share with over 150 community soup kitchen beneficiaries who in turn support other soup kitchens.”

“We are hoping that we can continue to rally all of your kindness out there so that we can achieve this and continue our mission to nurture, nourish and support our communities in need,” he adds. “With the #FillaPot campaign we are aiming to promote a culture of giving and sharing this festive season and highlight the need of thousands of vulnerable hungry people.”

“This pandemic has shown the team at Ladles of Love what we as a community can achieve to help those that need our help,” Diliberto says. “It has shown us the kindness of humanity, but most importantly it has shown us that this kindness cannot be a once-off, it needs to be an ongoing effort by all people that have to help those that don’t have.”

“We have a new mission in this beautiful organisation; to make Ladles of Love a ‘Teacher in Humanity’ and to demonstrate that only through love and kindness can we make this world a better place,” he explains. “We’re calling on South Africa to start now and #FillaPottoday and together we can make this the season of giving, a beautiful season for all.”

Those wanting to help just simply need to go to to #FillaPot. Use the reference FillaPot when donating. You can also sign up for a recurring donation to fill a pot or more every month.

Weekly giveaway: There is a weekly prize draw with giveaways for every pot you fill from sponsors like UCook, V&A Waterfront and Sun International.

Nikki Botha, GrandWest Marketing Manager comments, “When we stand together we are strong and at no time has that been more important than in 2020, so we call on anyone who can assist Ladles of Love with their FillaPot initiative to do so. GrandWest is proud to stand alongside an organisation that is doing so much to assist desperate communities.”

For more information visit the Ladles of Love Facebook or Instagram pages or go to

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