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Heavy Rains Lead To Flooding On The M1

As heavy rains continue in Gauteng, officers have blocked off a stretch the M1 double-decker freeway due to extreme flooding on Saturday morning.

Johannesburg residents are waking up to major floods across various parts of the city, due to sustained downpours since Friday night.

Officials say at three cars are stuck on the highway, one of them with the occupants trying to push the vehicle out of the water.

Another car is said to have overturned.

Johannesburg Metro Police Department spokesperson Wayne Minaar said, “A number of accidents have taken place on the M1 freeway, the N1, N3, M1-South, Malboro – where a vehicle has overturned – and Allandale there are also accidents, but there are no injuries.

Minaar said motorists must take all precautions when driving in the rain.

“We want to encourage motorists to drive with extra caution in the rain, and to increase following distance and keep their headlights on.”

Authorities are keeping an eye on all low-lying areas and deployed personnel to assist any affected travellers.