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Health Dept Hopes To Vaccinate 5.5 Million Senior Citizens By June

The Health Department says it hopes to vaccinate at least 5.5 million senior citizens by the end of June.

People over the age of 60 will be vaccinated in the second phase.

The Sisonke Johnson and Johnson vaccine rollout will resume on Wednesday.

“Phase 1 is supposed to end on the 17th of May, then we’ll start with Phase 2,” Mkhize said.

“We are still within the time frame, we’re still trying to push as well. When the vaccines come in the country we will be on time to start the rest of Phase 2.

“We think the numbers of vaccines we’ll get between now and June are going to give us the capacity to vaccinate all 5.5 million citizens over 60 years and of course we’ll also be focusing on frontline workers. Hopefully, we would’ve cleared as much as possible of those over 60.”