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Haron Family Wish Those Responsible For Father’s Death Can Be Brought To Book

The Haron family were very emotional at the Western Cape High Court on Monday.

This is after the court overturned the initial inquest that no one could be held responsible for Imam Abdullah Haron’s death.

The initial inquest found that Haron sustained fatal injuries after falling down a flight of stairs at the then Caledon Square Police Station in 1969. Judge Daniel Thulare ruled that the apartheid security police tortured him to death.

A record of the security branch police officer’s conduct will be forwarded to the Provincial Director of Public Prosecutions to map out the way forward.

For the Haron family, the ruling has brought some comfort. However,  they wish all parties responsible for their father’s murder, could have been criminally charged.

The Haron family say they will now focus on completing the biography of their late father.