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Harare Orders COVID-19 Vaccination for all Civil Servants

Zimbabwe has ordered all government workers to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, or lose pay if they refuse. But one of the largest government worker groups is resisting compulsory vaccinations, while another is calling for compliance with the directive. Robson Shereni, head of the Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe, says the directive must be defied. “We are saying the vaccination program should be voluntary, no worker should be forced to be vaccinated. Government must put more effort to actually on availing information on people getting vaccinated. That is the priority that the government must focus on. Rather than to force workers getting vaccinated”. Shereni said the union will file a lawsuit if vaccines become mandatory. About 1,247,000 Zimbabweans out of a population of 14 million have received their first shot, and nearly 650,000 have received their second inoculation since the program started in February.