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Hair All About It! We Interview #DI Emerging Creative Nikiwe Diova on Her Hair Art

Originally trained in fashion, Nikiwe Diova found a new way to express her creative vision, and it’s through hair. Through her business ownURcrown, she has elevated hairstyling to high art through her incorporation of dramatic weaving techniques, the interlaying of textiles, and intricate sewing. Diova is interested in how people express themselves through their hair, not limited to merely how they style it but also how they interact with hair in their environment and together with their clothing. Combining history, design and culture helps me tell the story of how versatile hair is. “To show people how beautiful our African culture is, to show how versatile our hair is and how limitless our creative expression is, especially when it comes to our identity. I also want to challenge people’s perspectives when it comes to hair. I feel that people tend to limit their creativity when it comes to hair. So I continue to explore more creative avenues with hair but in an unconventional way.”